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VProfile: Digitizing VDC Profile with Dynamic Questionnaire and Auto Report Generation 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Milan Bhandari, Jeetendra Manandhar (Supervisor)


St. Xavier's College


28 April 16

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Thesis or project


Computer science




Data Digitization, Electronic Data Collection,
integrate VDC information, data mapping, digitization of map


Data Digitization empowers the usability of data across the digital world. Every possible digital actions presumes data in digital format. Electronic data collection is not only costeffective but also efficient approach of data collection which in turn supports other research projects. The project collects, digitizes and integrate the VDC profile into digital system which open the gateway for numerous digital works.
VProfile is an electronic data collection and digitization system with the dynamic questionnaire and auto report generation system. Its main purpose is to ease and save time in data entry and report generation. The ability to map and collect datasets locally in one operation is particularly useful for collecting spatially explicit data. Also, the ability to pre-set default field values, required fields, automated in-field data checking, and dropdown menus built into customized forms also known as questionnaire have the potential to reduce error in the field during data collection.
The collected data is stored within databases and can be easily transferred as per required. This system will be able to remove the need for data entry and digitizing maps from paper copies. Data provided to the system is automatically updated into the central database. The possible lists of errors, like invalid and missing values, can be quickly tracked and avoided.
Also, the system is easy to use and simpler than multiple paper data sheets.

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