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VERDANT BIN: Electronic Ticketing for Park Management with Application of Barcode Technology in Garbage Collection” At Podamibe Nepal Pvt. Ltd 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Pritishma Tuladhar, Vishnu Kumar Rana (Supervisor)


St. Xavier's College


28 April 16

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Thesis or project


Computer science






Environment Sustainability, Barcode Technology, Electronic Ticketing, Garbage Management


Environment sustainability is one of the major concerns in the present context. Whereas environment sustainability was tacitly imbedded in the traditional planning practices in Nepal, the rapid expansion and modernization in the Kathmandu valley is making it increasingly unsustainable. Application of modern techniques is vital for maintaining a balance between urbanization and environment sustainability. Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have a profound impact and their production and use have important consequences for development in environmental areas. ICT provide techniques and methods for conservation and sustainability of environment. Barcode technology is being viewed as providing the vision for computers to gain management control and information updating. Barcode symbologies which are being used widely have been explained with the aid of truth tables and examples. Barcode technology can be applied for environmental sustainability. It can be implemented for garbage collection at different sites.
The project focuses on design and development of barcode enabled, electronic ticketing system for garbage collection at a recreation site. The project aims to improvise the current paper based ticket system with electronic ticketing system for park management and a garbage management module with barcode scan system for efficient garbage collection at the site. Research on barcode technology and user’s requirement was studied and analyzed to create a system that can be beneficial and secure to all the end users.

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