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Rise4Nepal: An ICT based approach for promoting sustainable development of Nepal 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Radha Krishna Parajuli, Rajan Karmacharya (Supervisor)


St. Xavier's College


28 April 16

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Thesis or project


Computer science






Nepal, being a developing country and its position in the Himalayas, is facing major problem in efficient energy production and distribution to the citizens living in the country. Lack of good roads and other facilities have caused the people of rural areas to migrate to the city areas which has now resulted in overpopulation especially in Kathmandu, the capital. The natural energy sources have gone wasted in rural areas whereas imported fossil fuels are overused in the cities. The fertile lands of hilly region have left barren and the cities are overcrowded with people. Sustainable development cannot happen if there is uneven distribution of population in the country.
This project is intended to bring some change in the conception of Nepalese people by making them aware about the beauty and diversity of Nepal both naturally and culturally, and the potential it has if all the available resources can be utilized in an efficient manner. The information is provided in the form of web portal. It is also concerned with the use of ICT in tourism development sector by providing information not only about the populated regions but also about the fascinating landscapes and unique culture and traditions of far-off people living in rural areas. Development can happen easily if tourism can be flourished in such places. Migration of people to cities decreases gradually and the barren land will turn into agricultural land again.
The web portal also contains the information of different hotels and resorts, gas and petrol stations, so that it can benefit both Nepalese and visitors. The responsive design it provides makes it easy for people to view the website from any device. The comment section that the website provides at the end helps the people to share their ideas as well as they can suggest recommendations on how the site can be further improved in the future.

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