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Expert’s System: Company Based Knowledge Sharing System At Leapfrog Technology 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Achyut Pokhrel, Vishnu Kumar Rana (Supervisor)


St. Xavier's College


24 May 16

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Thesis or project


Computer science




knowledge sharing, organizational communication


Communication plays a vital role in the success of any workplace or company. In large software companies, the lack of communication and synchronization between departments is quite common. There are resources and knowledge within the organization which each employee can use optimally and create two fold growth of organization. Resources outside the organization hardly fit the requirements and are noisy as well as information on web are barely genuine and are form verified author. There is no effective two way interaction in the web to solve problem and learn effectively. If one expert of the required domain from the organization is available, then lots of time can be saved and there must be communication between members to figure out that expert in an organization.
This project focuses on the development of a system that allows a two way communication between the employees, who in turn can become each other’s trainers. There is no single standalone software for this system where user requires opening new program and logged into it. This system can be integrated in existing Hipchat communication service and user can easily access this service with command that system provides. Lot of time and money can be saved as knowledge is being shared within a company without any special arrangements.
The system allows the best possible use of existing resources of organization. Conclusively, the system can act as a milestone in the progress of the organization and growth of employee. The system grows every component of organization which builds organization from within and embark upon new projects in near future. The project thus allows effective knowledge sharing which benefits an organization a lot.

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