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Employee Enroller: Employee Hiring Automation through Cross-Platform Interoperability 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Rahul Bajracharya, Rajan Karmacharya (Supervisor)


St. Xavier's College


24 May 16

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Thesis or project


Computer science




Employee Hiring Automation,cross platform interoperability, recruiting, performance monitoring


The need for companies to collaborate and integrate their systems has led to increase in use of distributed systems worldwide. Collaborating these systems requires a bridge for communication for both homogeneous and heterogeneous system which while developing bring interoperability issues. This project entitled “Employee Enroller: Employee Hiring Automation through Cross-platform Interoperability” is built focusing on surmounting the interoperability issues and integration of two different systems developed on different platforms for the need of data sharing and communication to enroll new employees.
This project deals with incompatibility of data sharing and communication between the systems of two different companies and the approach embraced for solving the issues during integration with an efficient use of web services. Two different companies, one is a training company that trains students resulting capable trainees and other is a recruiting company that cross checks students of training company for enrollment. This scenario of recruiting trainees of one company from other requires consistent data sharing and communication.
The main purpose of this project is to develop an online, efficient and interoperable employee hiring system. This system uses web service to share requisite data like trainee’s basic information and academic performances also to share communication between the users of different systems through exchange of messages. This system uses automatic report generation and charts like graphs and pie-charts for analysis and performance monitoring in both the systems. Finally, cross platform interoperability between two companies is achieved through WCF and JAX-WS with both organizations able to communicate and share data, resources for steady employee enrollment.

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