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Enterprise Network Bandwidth Estimation and Optimization 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Vishnu Kumar Rana (Supervisor), Sharon Shrestha, Sanjeev Khadka


St. Xavier's College


08 July 16

Document type

Thesis or project


Computer science




Enterprise network, Bandwidth estimation, Bandwidth optimization.


In a packet network, the term bandwidth often characterizes the amount of data that the network can transfer per unit of time. Bandwidth estimation is of interest to users wishing to optimize end-to-end transport performance, overlay network routing, and peer-to-peer file distribution. Bandwidth estimation provides an accurate calculation of available bandwidth such that network applications can adjust their behavior accordingly. Optimization helps in sending equal amount of data to all computers in the network. In every case bandwidth optimization is necessary.
This project entitled “Enterprise Network Bandwidth Estimation and Optimization” intends to estimate the bandwidth and optimize the network for convenient and balanced distribution of the service. Techniques for accurate bandwidth estimation are important for traffic engineering and capacity planning support. Bandwidth optimization not only helps to distribute data but also makes sure that every bit of data is used correctly. Prime focus of this project is to manage the bandwidth in the most efficient way, thereby increase the enterprise productivity while reducing server downtime due to inadequate bandwidth usage.
This project deals with the techniques of network bandwidth estimation and optimization. As usage of data is very important in today’s world, it is equally important to optimize the available bandwidth in every possible way.

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