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Grihini: Empowering women in technology for household works 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Rajan Karmacharya (Supervisor), Aastha Koirala, Laxmi Pandey


St. Xavier's College


08 July 16

Document type

Thesis or project


Computer science




Information and Communication Technology (ICT), working women, managing home and workplace, reminders for simple events.


Women in today‟s world have a hectic schedule. They have to deal with household chores as well as official tasks. Apparently, it becomes difficult for them to remember each and every small detail to maintain the household and official matters. The project, “Grihini-Empowering women in technology for household works” is based around an android application that has interactive user interface for working women and for housewives. In general, it is designed to organize household expenses by recording movements of money by date, and reviewing the reports monthly. By organizing the expenses at home it allows to have a better control over the money. Also, by setting customized reminders, upcoming important events and festivals can be tracked down. It also pre-informs the users whether or not to wash clothes based on the weather forecasts. Important payments like telephone bills, electric bills or school fares of children are also tracked by the system. The system also maintains the shopping list of the items to be purchased. Additionally, the system provides reminders for crucial official events or deadlines. For this purpose, ICT has not been implemented effectively, so using ICT based solution (mobile application) can facilitate them to manage their home and workplace to some extent.The system is developed realizing the workload on women and hence would be helpful as it acts as a single spot to remind numerous small but important details.

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