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Krishi Shikshya Ra Samaadhan: ICT for Dissemination of Agricultural Information and solutions 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Ritesh Raj Khanal, Utsuk Niraula, Vishnu Kumar Rana (Supervisor)


St. Xavier's College


11 July 16

Document type

Thesis or project


Computer science






Agriculture, communication technology infrastructure, innovative
production technologies


The growth of Information and Communication Technology, and its implementation
in past few decades has generated satisfying outcomes in various sectors like
business, economics, education, health, development and also agriculture. Passing of
information from one to another had been practiced ever since agriculture was
introduced. After observing visible impact of penetration of Information and
Communication Technology in various sectors, this project focuses on encouraging
agriculture through the use of Information and Communication Technology.
Agriculture contributes the largest share of GDP in Nepal. The effective production
and marketing of agricultural products in the various regions of Nepal could bring
significant changes to the economic development of the nation. Therefore every
aspect in agriculture must be properly managed and sufficient information and
solutions should be provided for smooth agricultural activities. The development of
agriculture can only be achieved by proper maintenance and implementation of
agricultural activities.
Information sharing is crucial in agriculture and its importance has been felt since the
commencement of the agricultural era. People, previously, used to seek personal
contact for gaining and sharing information about the market prices, stability, new
crop varieties, weather conditions, innovative production technologies, and what not.
As most of the agricultural activities are done in villages where people are lacking
proper information and communication technology infrastructure this project “Krishi
Sikshya ra Samaadhan” intend to provide the efficient process of cultivation and
harvesting method for crops and vegetables that are produced in a larger amount.
Similarly, this project also intends to provide solutions to mostly occurring problems
in the agricultural sector.

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