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IoT in Home Automation to Reduce Electricity Consumption: A Step Towards Better Energy Control 

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Rajan Karmacharya


Ajeet Chaulagain, Jen Shahi, Vishnu Kumar Rana (Supervisor)


St. Xavier's College


12 July 16

Document type

Thesis or project


Computer science






IoT (Internet of Things), Home Automation, Energy Control, Reduce Electricity Consumption, Load shedding.


Home automation is the control and monitoring of household appliances remotely or automatically. Smart home automation enables one to control the home appliances such as television, refrigerator, washing machine, water pump and other electrical devices from anywhere outside. Home and offices are the place where the electricity consumption is high. In context of Nepal, poor household energy use has a direct relationship on energy bills mostly due to unmanaged load shedding problems. The project. “IoT in Home Automation to Reduce Electricity Consumption: A Step towards Better Energy Control”, is developed to control household appliances remotely and thus reduce the consumption of electric energy by proper monitoring. “IoT in Home Automation to Reduce Electricity Consumption: A Step towards Better Energy Control” is related here to control unnecessary energy consumption at homes. This project is designed for the people to notify the unnecessary appliances running at home in undesired time and control/monitor it remotely. It involves design, implementation of microcontroller (Arduino) based system and android mobile application for connecting the microcontroller system. Microcontroller based system provides a proper notification about electric appliance running in home to the users mobile and Android mobile application allows user to control those appliances remotely.
This project helps to save electricity energy bill, since it cuts out common ‘human error’ mistakes that inflate energy bills, like leaving the electric appliances on or running the A/C when no one is at home. Allowing remote control/monitoring of home appliances, this project helps individual, society and the nation for better electric energy management and control. It is useful research project in the field of Electricity energy management in Nepal.

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